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Crumbler Machine

"Quality and Innovation: Meeting with Özden Yem Milling Machines"

Preference Reasons

Body in steel construction

Available Roller balls fixed with springs to crush products coming from top bunker

İt is directly driven with motor by coupling system.

Roller balls ‘s piece, diameter and lenght can be changed as capacity.

Roller gap can be mechanic /automatic arranged as desired size.

Regularly feeding system

Crumbler can be inactive with by pass flap

Strong and flexible structure for impacts

Used top pellet breaking in 1mm -4mm

Preference Reasons

Get fine materials with pelleting advantages

Easy animal feding, for innuvtritioned with coarse feeds

Uniform feed production

Spare Parts

Bearing & Housing

Coupling & Gear

Balls of roller

Tension spring & bolts

A B C D E Motor Power Number of Motors Number of Rollers
OGR Ø 250*800 2500 1000 500 900 800 3 kW 2 2
OGR Ø 250*1000 2570 1100 600 900 1300 4 kW 2 2
OGR Ø 300*1250 3000 2500 600 1000 1900 7.5 kW 4 4
OGR Ø 350*1500 3800 2500 600 1000 2500 15 kW 4 4

1993'ten beri sektörün öncüsüyüz. Malzeme seçiminden üretim ustalığına kadar her alanda müşterilerimize güvenle kaliteli ürünler sunuyoruz

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