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From 1993 to the Present: Özden Feed Mill Machinery, the Veteran of the Sector

Özden Feed Mill Machinery is a brand that has made a name for itself in the industry with its long-standing experience since 1993. Our company, which is a leader in production in various fields such as feed factories, flour factories, salt factories, and more, is the indispensable address for quality and trust.

The Name of Quality and Trust in Production: Feed Factory, Flour Factory, Salt Factory, and More

Özden Feed Mill Machinery is the symbol of quality and trust in the production of basic food products such as feed, flour, and salt. Demonstrating expertise in the manufacturing processes, the company provides customers with high-standard products.

Özden Feed Mill Machinery, the Leader in Industrial Manufacturing

As the leader in industrial manufacturing, Özden Feed Mill Machinery aims for excellence at every stage. Sustaining its leadership in the industry with solutions in pellet presses, coolers, granule machines, and many other product lines.

Excellence at Every Stage: Pellet Press, Cooler, Granule Machine, and More

Aiming for excellence at every stage of production, Özden Feed Mill Machinery offers solutions tailored to the needs of modern production facilities with equipment such as pellet presses, coolers, and granule machines.

Masters of Manufacturing: Hammer Mill, Mixer, Jet Filter, and Electronic Bagging Scale

Leading in the field of expertise in manufacturing processes with equipment such as hammer mills, mixers, jet filters, and electronic bagging scales, Özden Feed Mill Machinery always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

The Point Where Innovation and Trust Meet: Aspirator, Cyclone, Tray Screen, and Drum Screen

Özden Feed Mill Machinery, where innovation and trust come together, holds a pioneering position in the industry with technological solutions such as aspirators, cyclones, tray screens, and drum screens.

From Pellets to Premix, Özden Feed Mill Signature in Every Detail

With prominent details in the product range such as pellet presses and premix units, Özden Feed Mill Machinery represents quality and trust at every stage. Maintaining its pioneering role in the industry by offering unique solutions in manufacturing processes.

Rotoflow and Valves: Leader in Technological Manufacturing

With technological products such as Rotoflow and valves, Özden Feed Mill Machinery continues to lead in technological manufacturing. Providing customers with the highest performance through innovative solutions.

Pneumatic Cover, Airlock, and Distributor: Assurance in Controlled Production

Ensuring assurance in controlled production with equipment such as pneumatic covers, airlocks, and distributors, Özden Feed Mill Machinery provides tailored solutions to the needs of production facilities.

Elevator and Unloading Lift: Control the Flow of Manufacturing

Controlling the flow of manufacturing with equipment such as elevators and unloading lifts, Özden Feed Mill Machinery allows efficient management of production processes.

Chain Conveyor and Grate Magnet: Key to Smooth Transportation

Being the key to smooth transportation with equipment such as chain conveyors and grate magnets, Özden Feed Mill Machinery helps increase the efficiency of your production facilities.

Loading Belt and Molasses Pump: For Fast and Efficient Production

With equipment such as loading belts and molasses pumps, Özden Feed Mill Machinery offers solutions tailored to the needs of industrial facilities for fast and efficient production.

Control Panel for Full Control of Manufacturing

Özden Feed Mill Machinery allows you to have full control over your production processes with a control panel. Providing a production experience where every detail is under surveillance.

Özden Feed Mill Machinery - Reliable, Quality, Innovative.

Bringing together reliability, quality, and innovation, Özden Feed Mill Machinery is a sure name in the industry. Maintaining its leadership position in the sector by offering solid guarantees and continuous innovations to customers.

1993'ten beri sektörün öncüsüyüz. Malzeme seçiminden üretim ustalığına kadar her alanda müşterilerimize güvenle kaliteli ürünler sunuyoruz

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