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Hammer Mill

"Quality and Innovation: Meeting with Özden Yem Milling Machines"

Working Principle

Hammer mills are used at mixed feed, oil, food and chemical industries. Product is regularly taken to hammer mill by feeder. Product is crushed by hammers and gone sifting there by you take desired product size.


Vibration free and silent working

Body in two bolted parts to easy montage /demontage of rotor

Rotor enables working in two directions

Available pneumatic controlled direction valve at inlet port.

Special designe to easy screen and hammer replace

Available sample receiving gate during working.

Heat treated hammers

Rotor is housed from two sides by SN type housings.

Body is fixed on chassis by rubber chocks

Rotor is static and dynamic balanced.

Variable environmental operating speed as capacities

Preference Reasons

Provide high grinding capacity

Replaceable screen hole diameter to get variable size product

Easy construction and usage

High moistured product grindability

Spare Part

Bearing & Housing

Hammer shaft & insert



A B C Motor Power Capacity
Ø 600*500 1000 1500 900 37 kW 5 Ton
Ø 1200*400 1400 2000 1300 90 kW 10 Ton
Ø 1200*600 1400 2000 1300 110 kW 15 Ton
Ø 1200*700 1400 2000 1300 132 kW 20 Ton
Ø 1200*800 1600 2000 1300 160 kW 30 Ton
Ø 1400*800 1600 2500 1500 200 kW 35 Ton
Ø 1400*1000 1600 3000 1600 250 kW 40 Ton

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