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Pellet Press Conditioner

"Quality and Innovation: Meeting with Özden Yem Milling Machines"

Working Principle

Conditioners consist of 1-3 layers as pellet pres capacity. Conditioner provides homogenous steam or liquid diffusion to product. Adjustabla paddlles obtain desired product tempering. Steam is injected to semi-finished product thus pelleting capacity increases.


Body is manufactured in ST 37, ST52 metal sheet or AISI 304 chrome steel in accordance with request.

Belt pulley motor driven changes retention time in conditioner as product.

Adjustable heat treated paddles.

Special designed single point steam injection.

Static and dynamic balanced rotor.

Varios conditioner capacities.

Spare Parts

Bearing,Housing & Belt


Steam valves

A B C Motor Power Pellet Press Quantity
OKN Ø300 2300 800 550 4 kW PL 305*108
PL 305*90
OKN Ø400 2300 800 650 5.5 kW PL 520*132
PL 453*138
OKN Ø450 2300 800 650 7.5 kW PL 900*250
PL 520*178
OKN Ø450 3330 1050 650 15 kW PL 760*230
PL 660*230

1993'ten beri sektörün öncüsüyüz. Malzeme seçiminden üretim ustalığına kadar her alanda müşterilerimize güvenle kaliteli ürünler sunuyoruz

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