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Pellet Press

"Quality and Innovation: Meeting with Özden Yem Milling Machines"

Pellet mills are used at mixed feed, food and chemical industries. It works most efficient capacity in this factories. Powder feed is made pellet feed about 3,5-12mm diameter. On the otherhand Some waste of the food and feed industry are reintegrated as feed additives.

Working Principle

Semi-finished product is carried by feding screw conveyor to conditioner unit. Ste- am softened product is gone to pressing section. Product evenly spreaded between die and rollers is pelleted in 3,5-12mm. Pellet lenght can be arranged by blades as requirements.

Preference Reasons

Easy transporting and storage

Increasing digestibility

Avoid desintegration

Minimum wastage during consumption

More unit energy ulitization versus dust feed

Spare Parts

Bearing,Housing & Belt

Die, Roller & Wear Ring

Eccentric shaft, Adjusting washer & Dust cover

Security pin

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